TAB D - United Nations Environment Programme Report on Depleted Uranium in Kosovo [79]

Summary. On March 13, 2001, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released its final report on the environmental impact of depleted uranium ammunition used during the 1999 Kosovo conflict. The report builds on the UNEP October 1999 Desk Assessment Study of the potential effects of the use of DU during conflict.[80] Although the radiological and chemical risks for all of the sample results were insignificant, the report recommended the recovery of surface DU penetrators and jackets at all sites, localized decontamination (as appropriate), and further groundwater monitoring. In a December 2000 journal article, the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute summarized the UNEP 1999 assessment and previewed the results of the UNEP 2001 report prior to its publication.[81]

UNEP Key Findings.

UNEP Recommendations. Although the results of the analyses of the samples collected suggested that there is no immediate cause for concern regarding toxicity, UNEP calls for precaution citing major scientific uncertainties about the long-term environmental impacts of DU. The recommendations of the report have been guided by the precautionary approach with the objective of protecting the environment and human health. Their specific recommendations were:

In addition, the report contained specific recommendations for each of the 11 sites visited and recommends that these recommendations be implemented as soon as the security situation allows.

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